Sunday, August 31, 2014

Local Flavor

I am really loving it here! Here are some photos from my first week...

backyard sunset 

downtown Bryan

clouds from the front yard

sweet planters in my backyard fence

 I quickly learned that it's "Hatch Chile Season" here. these babies are hot but packed with flavor, delicious!

I can't get over the clouds here. They don't look real! 

 archway to the backyard and the greenbelt right next to our house

figs for breakfast

avocados. I love them so.

front yard flowers

ahhh the hot sauce aisle at the grocery store

Ramona's "first day" at her new school 

lovely pepper plant from Ira's new colleague 

dipping my feet in our pool

The Journey Home

 On August 16th we began our journey to our new home. A 1,500 mile drive from Pennsylvania to Texas. Although, from our last home in Cairo, it's an 8,000 mile trip! We spent the summer in Pennsylvania with our families and regrouping before heading to Texas.

Here we are, mile 0, on our way! We spent the first night in Kingsport, Tennessee. The next morning, we drove to Chattanooga and met up with an old Cairo pal, Carolyn. And had brunch at the fabulous Tupelo Honey. 
Pint glass mimosas, yes please!

From there, we went to Tuscaloosa, Alabama and stayed with Ira's best bud, Stacy and his wife, Anne. We were treated to some great Thai food and cozy accommodations. Not to mention Stacy's famous pancakes in the morning! I should also mention that Stacy drove the 20 foot moving van with Ira the week before. He then helped unload, went to IKEA, and swore in Swedish alongside Ira while they put together some of our furniture. We are forever grateful!
On the third day, we made our way across Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. We spent the night in Shreveport and met up with some more Cairo friends, Liz and Alan and their awesome kids. Ramona was happy to finally have some playmates on the road. And I was happy to have some delicious Mexican food and a salty margarita! It was great catching up with Liz and I was wish she was closer, but hopefully we'll see them a bit more often now.

We finally made it to our new state!

And then, there it was, our new address!

And our happy family had arrived.